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David Pibel


  • Marine veteran 1953-1956 Peace Corps (Nigeria W. A.) 1962-1964 Profession was education until early retirement due to HIV. Health improved due to development of protease Inhibitors and drug cocktail. HIV since 1981, confirmed in 1989 from blood draw in 1984.

I have been carving wood since 1965. First I carved African and Native American designs on flat surfaces. That led to carving in relief and ultimately in three dimension. I began designing and carving gay erotic material in 1984. Some of the carvings were relief, but most were three dimensional figures. Many are vignettes emphasizing gays in various situations, mostly an effort at humor. I participated in the Tom of Finland Erotic Arts Festivals for nine years. I sold most of my output and have few items left. I last produced anything in 2015. I plan to attempt to begin producing again after completion of cataract surgery in 2017.