Dudu Quintanilha


Bauru, São Paulo, 1987. Dudu Quintanilha is studying since October 2017 as regular student in the Fine Arts course with Willem de Rooij at Städelschule Frankfurt. His Latest video project was a commission for Kunsten Festival des Arts exhibited during the festival in Centre Pompidou, Brussels.

Initially educated in Buenos Aires where he started the Audio Visual arts career at IUNA, did in 2009 the Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas Program and in 2010 and 2013 the Programa para Artistas at Universidad Torcuato DiTella.

His practice is focused in video, photography and performance researching performativity. Dudu Quintanilha amplifies his research by not defining themes but by creating expanded experiences for his different works processes. In São Paulo he founded in 2015 the Grupo Mexa, with Anita Silvia Lima Miranda, group for diversity in vulnerable situation which uses artistic practices such as writing and performance to develop a work that researches articulation of groups, social issues in cities and participants personal stories. He also created Eterno Work In Progress, a film club project with Luisa Cavanagh, deconstructing the way of behaving and showing audio visual works in cinema rooms and alternative spaces with live experiences through performance and film.

His main individual exhibitions are: “Fantasía casi soneto después de una lectura de dan(c)e” (2017, Universidad DiTella, Bienal de Performance, Buenos Aires), “Passinho” (2016, DotFiftyOne Gallery, Miami), “Ingobernables” (2015, Mite Galería, Buenos Aires), “Young at heart” (2014, Solo Proyecto Arco Madrid, Madrid), “Coragem” (2012, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario, Rosario), “Después de todo lo anterior” (2012, Galería Garash, México DF), “Selfcleptomano”(2011 Mite Galería, Buenos Aires). He was part of the following residencies: Q21 MuseumsQuartier (Vienna), Casa das Caldeiras (São Paulo), Red Bull Station (São Paulo), LEA Faena Arts Center (Buenos Aires).

He was invited to develope the next book for Actividad de Uso about Dudu Quintanilha´s work, a specialized art book collection that will be released in 2018 in Buenos Aires and articles such as “In case you forgot how I look like” for On Curating Issue edited in New York and he is also writing for the 10 Years of DiTella Artists Program Book coordinated by Inés Katzenstein.


His works are focused in video, photography and text, using different approaches to research about performativity and the body as a working and representation field crossing social, politics and emergency aesthetic.


2017 Städelschule. Fine Arts with Willem de Rooij. Frankfurt

2013 Torcuato DiTella University. Artist´s Program. Buenos Aires

2010 Torcuato DiTella University. Artist´s Program. Buenos Aires

2009 CIA Centro (Artistic Investigations Center). Buenos Aires

2008 IUNA (National Institute University for the Arts), Audiovisual Arts. Buenos AIres

2008 Photography with Alberto Goldenstein. Buenos Aires

solo shows

2018. PeuP-. Kunsten Festival des Arts. Centre Pompidou, Brussels, Belgium

2017. Fantasía casi soneto (…) Performance Biennial. Ditella University. Curated by Santiago Garcia Navarro

2016. Passinho. DotFiftyOne Gallery, Miami

2015. Ungovernables. Mite Galeria, Buenos Aires

2014. Young at Heart. Solo Project Arco Madrid, Madrid

2013. Joven talento homosexual. Mite Galería, Buenos Aires

2012. Coragem, Museum of Contemporary Art Rosario MACRO, Rosario

2012. Después de todo lo anterior. Garash Galeria, México DF

2011. Sin Más, Turito, Buenos Aires

2011. Selfcleptomano, Mite Galeria, Buenos Aires

2010. We are family, Site-specific intervention in car wash, Buenos Aires

2009. Enfrente al Fondo, site-specific intervention in the street, Buenos Aires

group shows, art fairs, festivals

2018 Eterno Work In Progress Second Edition with Grupo Mexa, Verbo Exhibition, Galería Vermelho, São Paulo

2018 Im*Possible Bodies. Mousonturm. Frankfurt am Main

2018 Eterno Work In Progress First Edition Program in Cine Olido and Ceu Caminho do Mar, São Paulo

2018 This is evil, Mite Galeria, Buenos Aires

2017 ArteBA Focus, Buenos Aires

2017 Welt Kompakt?. Freiraum MuseumsQuartier. Vienna

2017 Arco Art Fair. Focus Argentina. Curated by Inés Katzenstein, Madrid

2016 Touch the Reality. Kunstraum Niederoesterreich. Curated by Ursula Maria Probst, Vienna.

2016 Borderline. Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires

2016 Photography Group Show. Viviana Liberman Art Dealer. Buenos Aires

2016 Collection La Ene. Biquini Wax. Mexico DF

2015 ArteBa Fair, Buenos Aires

2016 Abre Alas. A Gentil Carioca. Rio de Janeiro

2015 La Autoprovocación. Casa de Tucumán, Buenos Aires

2015 ArteBa Fair Buenos Aires

2015 Collection La Ene. Art Dubai. Dubai

2015 Second Part Second Selection. Work in collaboration with Lucrecia Palacios. Mite Galeria, Buenos Aires

2014 Second Selection. Mite Galeria. Buenos Aires

2014 Untitled Art Fair. Curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud. Miami

2014 Collaboration with Como Clube at the 32 Biennial of São Paulo, São Paulo

2014 8th Residency Edition, curated by Paula Borghi, Red Bull Station. São Paulo

2014 Galeria Transitória. Red Bull Station. São Paulo

2014 Soy un libro que no hé escrito ni leido. Curated by Mariano Mayer. Mite Galeria, Buenos Aires

2014 Fyodor’s Performance Carousel. Faena Art’s Center. Buenos Aires

2013 Uno solo y vários lobos. Ditella University, Buenos Aires

2013 Mostro3. La Fábrica. Buenos Aires

2013 Motion Blur. Otero Galeria. Buenos Aires

2013 Deus não surfa. Curated by Marta Mestre and Santiago Garcia Navarro. Rio de Janeiro

2013 Muestra de FotografÃ'ƒÆ’ Improvisada as'Ã†Æ Ya‚¬. Mite Galeria. Buenos Aires

2013 ArteBa Fair. Mite Galeria. Buenos Aires

2013 Algunos Artistas / 90 — HOY. Proa Foundation. Buenos Aires

2012 LEA. Sala Catedral. Faena Arts Center. Buenos Aires

2012 ArteBa Fair with Mite Galeria. Buenos Aires

2011 Calle e Rua, A Gentil Carioca Galeria, Rio de Janeiro

2011 Mistura, A Gentil Carioca Lá Galeria, Rio de Janeiro

2011 Todos Románticos, DiTella University, Buenos Aires

2011 ArteBa Fair, Mite Galeria. Buenos Aires

2011 CIA at CCRecoleta, curated by Dean Daderko, Buenos Aires

2011 Open Show, Cooperativa Guatemalteca, Villa 31, Buenos Aires

2010 Arte x Arte, Biennial Photography Prize, Buenos Aires

2010 Festival de la Luz, Official Exhibition, CCBorges and Casa de Cultura, Buenos Aires

2010 CIA at CIA, curated by Victoria Noorthon, Buenos Aires

2010 Who is who, CCRecoleta, Buenos Aires

2009 Sex and Violence, Appetite Galeria, Buenos Aires


Mexa (Stand) Documentary. Short film. Directed by Dudu Quintanilha and Daniel Favaretto with Frontera Filmes and Aids Produções.

Eu vou me piratear (The get up). Short film. Directed by Dudu Quintanilha and Daniel Favaretto with Frontera Filmes.

2016 Brazilian Competition Show.18º FESTCURTASBH (Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival). Belo Horizonte

2016. Short Films International Festival of São Paulo, São Paulo

2016 Competition Show. 9° Festival Entretodos. São Paulo

2016 Rio Gay Cinema Festival. Rio de Janeiro

2016 All the Genders Show. Itaú Cultural. São Paulo

2016 Vilnius LGBT* Festival "Kreivės". Vilnius

2016 International Competition. Visions du Réel. Nyon

2016 19 Tiradentes Cinema Festival, Minas Gerais

2015 National short Film Competition. 23 Festival MIX Brazil. São Paulo

awards, scholarships, others

2018 Winners of open call funding for film club projects from SPcine and Secretaria da Cultura São Paulo with Eterno Work In Progress project

2017 Programa para a Valorização de Iniciativas Culturais - VAI. Grupo Mexa Projeto Terminal 10mg

2016 Nominated for Faena Prize for the Arts. Buenos Aires/Miami

2014 Selected for Solo Project Arco Madrid

2012 Nominated for CIFO Award. Miami

2011 Emergent artist prize. Rosario National Salon. Rosario

2009 Scholarship CIA Centro. Buenos Aires

2009 First Prize for Artistic Creation at Universidade de Belgrano, Buenos Aires


2016 Bispo do Rosário Museum. Project at the Jurandyr Manfredini Psychiatric Hospital. Rio de Janeiro

2016. Q21. MuseumsQuartier. Vienna

2016. 69 Salas H&V Project. Grupo Mexa. Casa do Povo. São Paulo

2016. Casa das Caldeiras, São Paulo

2014. Red Bull Station São Paulo. São Paulo

2012 L.E.A. Faena Arts Center. Buenos Aires

groups, projects

2018 Eterno Work In Progress. In partnership with Luisa Cavanagh, EWIP is a film club project with live experiences through performance and film.

2017 Visual Aids New York. Community of Artists living with HIV


2015 MEXA. Founder and coordinator of Grupo Mexa, group and project for diversity in vulnerable situation based in São Paulo


2014 EEP Sporadic performance studies

2009 Cooperativa Guatemalteca. One of the group founders in Buenos Aires


conferences, workshops, others

2017 Oratory Workshop during the exhibition Todos os Gêneros at Itaú cultural with Grupo Mexa, São Paulo

2017 Artist talk at DiTella University Buenos Aires

2017 Conference with Manuel Segade Lodeiro, CA2M Director at ArcoMadrid art Fair

2016 Workshop ‘How to think a monument’. Teacher. Prates Shelter for homeless people. São Paulo

2015 Art Atelier at Prates Shelter for homeless people, São Paulo

2013 Workshop. Performance. Teacher. Escola Livre de Artes (Free Arts School) Museum Bispo do Rosario Museum of Contemporary Art. Rio de Janeiro

2013 Curator. Altar Exhibition. Otero Galeria. Buenos Aires.

2013 Workshop ‘Altar’. Teacher. Photographic projects development. Otero. Buenos Aires