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Evandro Manchini

Evandro Manchini is a Brazilian filmmaker and actor constantly involved in multidisciplinary projects including: video, performance and theater. In his works, there is the extrapolation of some pre-established limits of each artistic format, both in aesthetics and in meaning. Through the video, he found a financially accessible tool that gave vent to his way of capturing the world, often using autobiographical elements to create narratives. He is currently a master student at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with the project "(In)Visible Man - an autofiction", which intends to investigate the boundaries between real and fictional through the realization of a feature film that addresses the artist's own relationship with the hiv virus. In 2018 he produced two works that already covered the theme of hiv: The video installation “Reforma” (Renovation) exhibited at the renowned Visual Arts School of Lage Park (Rio de Janeiro) and the 12 episodes webseries “O Diferente da Coisa” (The Different Thing), all recorded with smartphone and displayed on IGTV. Among his greatest achievements as filmmaker are the short Sebastião – Sponsored by Globo TV and Curta Rio Prize 2015, “Tá na Hora...” (It’s Time to...) – Winner of the Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival in 2011 and Honorable Mention in Creative Short Brazil also in 2011, “Maquiagem” (Makeup) – Best original short at Très Court Festival 2015, selected for Hamburg International Shortfilm Festival and Seul International Extreme Short and Image Festival; in addition to directing over 50 web videos between 2013-2015 for the YouTube channel Pingo na Pia, today with 3.500.000 views.