Frank Boros


Painter, Set and Costume Designer, MFA Yale (Class'69), Penn. Academy of the Fine Arts (Class, '94)


The Evolution Of A Painting.

It begins with a scribble, a rough sketch. It is that burst of inspiration, the need to get something down on paper that starts the process. Sometimes the scribble is all that will remain, a quick immediate encounter with pencil to paper. If something is there to be explored and possibly to be learned several scribbles will follow each further developing a potential composition.

With a still life, it is set up, flowers are purchased, the fruit, various objects and fabrics are assembled. A landscape requires several visits to the location to get a sense of being and knowing. With a portrait or figure there is a necessity for both participants to be present and involved in the process of creation.

A detailed line drawing will follow putting the idea, the inspiration into balance, rhythms, some tensions, focus and hopefully harmony. A watercolor study usually and then...the painting or paintings for a composition of value can grow and develop into an on going series.

Once all this thought out "prep" work is done the fun begins, the exploration and the discovery. Each step sources the next until the painting begins to source itself. This is the most delicious part for it truly provides an opportunity to play, to be free to make mistakes, discoveries, growth and yes joy and a sense of wonder and abandoned passions.

It takes time and a willingness to seek and to be uncomfortable not knowing where one is going. There is no guarantee, no certainty that the subject will be interesting, that the colors will be bright, that the composition will seduce and hold the attention. But when all of it works, when for some Divine reason it is meant to be, it is magical.