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Grey Cross


Grey Cross is an experimental artist of 25+ years living in New Orleans, Louisiana with his husband, author Poppy Z Brite. His experimental work deals with combining mediums which include painting, sculpture, body painting photography, digital art. He teaches and mentors LGBTQ+ creatives through his New Orleans studio and remotely online.

His primary work currently is the development of a new theoretical art concept called Tumultuism. Tumultuous Art is a concept which is disorderly, fractured and dreamlike in its presentation. It may exhibit a confused state, akin to looking through a piece of fractured glass at the subject of the art, similar to an acid trip or lucid dreaming.

His primary work in this field is a combination of mediums. He employs intricate ideas with sets, body painting, photography and digital art to produce thought provoking portraits of the many models who grace his studio.

The artist considers himself primarily an erotic surrealist although his work utilizes abstraction, portraiture and many other artistic forms.

The artist was diagnosed with full blown AIDS in 2012 which nearly brought his artistic career to an end. Today he is undetectable and uses his own life story to teach others the importance of using PREP and utilizing a regular health care provider to stay healthy.

He can be reached through his website and loves visitors and collaborating with other creatives.