Javier Soriano


I was born in the mountains of the Mixteca in Puebla, Mexico. I am an Indigenous Zapotec. Zapotecs are an Indigenous group in Central Mexico.

I came to New York City in 1996. I have lived most of these years in Brooklyn.


I am inspired by activists, people from different races, different countries, different sexual orientations, people who fight for what they believe in, nude bodies. Mother Nature plays a very important role in my work.

Through many years, I have created art related to marriage equality, “Stop and Frisk”, Immigration, Occupy Wall Street, Mexican/Latino community, Black community, Muslim community, Asian community, LGBTQ community, HIV/AIDS events, YoSoy132, International Workers Day/May Day, Indigenous community, Palestine, animal rights, Caribbean community, Ayotzinapa, Black Lives Matter, etc.

Lately, I have been combining my work with spirituality or should I say that my spirituality is guiding me in the creation of my art?

Sometimes, I use my art work as therapy, and sometimes I use my art work to run away from my inner pain. Art can heal and my art is helping me to heal from my childhood wounds.

I did not go to school to learn art. I took some trainings, but my photography, documentary films, poems and paintings reflect what I have been learning from different teachers (mostly on the internet) and what I have been teaching myself.

I love freedom and my work shows it. Freedom to say “I love you”, freedom to say “fuck you”, freedom to show your naked body, freedom to do civil disobedience, freedom to be yourself.

I am grateful with life for being able to do what I love to do.

Learn more about me on my website: http://www.JavierSoriano.com/returning-home/