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John Friedericy


John Friedericy was an incredibly talented artist with a B.F.A from Otis Art Institute, who used his academic background and natural talent to create vivid and thought-provoking artwork in a wide breadth of mediums. He left behind an exquisite collection of paintings, lithographs, sculptures and marionettes when his life and artistic career was tragically cut short in 1990 due to AIDS. During his lifetime, his artwork was shown in various solo exhibitions and group shows primarily in the LA area.

John Friedericy’s story is a testament to the impact that the AIDS crisis had on the artistic community, when many creative minds were tragically lost and forgotten. Interestingly, he often reflected on notions of death even before he contracted the disease. Death is discussed in varying contexts, either as a hopeful message of love after death, or with feelings of fear or rage. Evident of the latter is his colossal sculpture Plague, which was exhibited in the 1989 show Chain Reaction V. at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, which created awareness and inspired action for victims of HIV/AIDS.