Juan Betancurth

Juan Betancurth is a Colombian born artist and curator. Betancurth is especially interested in themes of mysticism, power, and submission, in particular as they relate to his personal experiences. To explore these ideas, Betancurth crafts meticulous, immersive installations, filled with sculptures and props that set the stage for his intimate performances of witchcraft, daily routines, poetry, and religious rituals. As personal and ambiguous as many of his works are, Betancurth hopes that they encourage creativity in each viewer, creating a fleeting moment and space for community. About his curatorial practice he is interested in creating possibilities for open thoughts and interactions. Betancurth sees his curatorial role as a performer, playing with pieces from a discourse in expansion. His work has been shown internationally in countries like the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Finland, North Korea, among others.