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Kairon Liu


Kairon Liu (b.1992, Taipei, Taiwan) is a visual artist and photographer. Kairon's practice reflects his observations concerning beliefs in human society through the creation of narratives, exploring different issues related to religion, disease, and universal values. Generally, his role in a project would be the activator, in a democratic approach. He would collaborate with the individuals rather than create the images of them.

Since 2017, Kairon has started the project "Humans As Hosts" which focused on understanding the living situation of people with HIV and heightening awareness about HIV/AIDS. In collaboration with social networks, NGOs, and Health Authorities, he recruits HIV-positive individuals to volunteer as participants to join the in-depth interview and photoshoot. The resulting images are to be viewed as the proof/disproof of the stereotypical prejudices and discrimination produced by the society. Delivering the rendition of facts that human beings, no matter what field they are in, are subject to or exposed to the virus. We are merely human beings, and now we are all facing an emerging threat.