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Kelvin Atmadibrata


Kelvin Atmadibrata (b.1988, Jakarta, Indonesia) recruits superpowers awakened by puberty and adolescent fantasy to assemble formidable armies of outlaws. Equipped by shōnen characters and macho ero-kawaii, his antiheroes contest the masculine and erotica in Southeast Asia.

He works primarily with performances, often translated into drawings, mixed media and objects compiled as installations. His multi disciplinary projects recreate narratives and characters based on RPGs (Role-playing video games) theories. Partially canon and fan fictions, the characters are visualized through hyper-masculine approaches as the artist manipulates folklores, myths and historical narratives, creating versions with all-male populations of characters and demi-humans.

Kelvin graduated with Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) majoring in Interactive Media from School of Art, Design and Media in Singapore's Nanyang Technological University. Previously based in Singapore for a decade, he now lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia.