mapa lgbti+


Visual artist and queer manager. My work seeks the representation of LGBTIQA+ communities by creating alliances with institutions and artists in different curatorial areas.

Visual artist and LGBTIQA+ cultural manager from Chile.
I work collectively for the representation of queer people in the arts and culture
- June 2022, Creates the AMA program (acronym in Spanish for activism, memory and self-care) where it continues to hold meetings for LGBTIQA+ communities to date.
- July 2022, he opens the LGBTIQA+ memory fund at the Museum of Memory and Human Rights of Chile 
- August 2022, he curated the exhibition "Dura y Eterna" that commemorated the 8th anniversary of the death of the artist and performer Hija de Perra.
- December 2022, it summons artists from all over America to participate in a collective mural of graphic art in public spaces in Chile.

- Manages a series of Talks on sexual and gender dissidence in Art and Music for the Violeta Parra Museum
- call for activism at the Museo del Estallido Social (MES) part of the national agitation campaign #octubretrans
where a series of art groups, musicians, artists and civil groups participate
- Exhibition entitled "Video and Memory" that brought together various audiovisual pieces related to the exercise of dissident memory in the House of Culture of Ñuñoa
- Trans film cycle. 3 days of exhibition of films and short films where we also talked with their filmmakers, protagonists and people who were part of the stories in the CCN.
- Manager and producer of the Cycle of non-binary musicians in Citizen Laboratory and the Museum of Visual Arts of Santiago.
- "Memorials", Series of drawings and large format graphic art of trans people who have been murdered or victims of social suicide. Installed in the public space within the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso.