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Mario González


Visual artist and Performer. Bogotá (1973). Studies in Film arts and Photography (1994) Video Production (1999) Screenplay for film (2016) / Crew member and collaborator in independent art spaces: "Residencia en la Tierra" (2011-2015) "El Parche Artist Residency" (2014 to the present), "El Sanatorio Espacio Cultural"(2012 to the present) / Video Performer since 2005, and V.J. in several musical projects. As an independent artist, I do mix sounds, live poetry, and video in my performance. I also do ceramics, photography and drawing. Since 2015 I am part of the crew of KUIR BOG FEST, festival of queer cinema and arts. My job is to organize the filmic programming and produce and manage the festival events.


As an artist my focus is putted on the fight against shame, that Patriarchal Society uses as a way to control the lives of individuals in our culture. I use the resources of multimedia and live performance to create an experience, that helps me spreading my speech, powerfully influenced by the texts of the Queer theory (Buttler, Segdwick, Preciado).


Filmmaker and visual artist. Bogotá, 1973. Studies in Film arts and Photography Unitec (1994) and Television Production Fundación Lumiere (1999). Degree in screenwriting (Universidad Santiago de Cali, 2016) I have been teaching in several universities in Colombia in the areas of arts, video and screenplay. I have been collaborator in independent art spaces (Residencia en la Tierra, El Parche Artist Residency, El Sanatorio Espacio Cultural).

I´m focused in educational works, with communities living in vulnerable situations. I have been developing a process for two years with the Foundation "Función Esperanza" Teaching the bases of dramaturgy to children in foster care and prison population . As an artist I'm interested in new media, transmedia storytelling and performing arts. I create bi dimensional and tri dimensional pieces. I also create live Performances, using video and Sound art.

I have exhibited works and made performances in several exhibitions and shows since 2006, exploring subjects like Memory in the piece "Olvido y Silencio" II Salón de la Justicia, (Cámara de Comercio, 2015), Identity and Gender Violence in the Political Cabaret Multimedia "imputations" (2016) Culture and identity with the pieces "El"(Caída y Recuperación, Museo del Arte Moderno de Bogotá 2010-2011), Y "Soy Todo Oídos, Video performance for the festival "Zumbidos Cosquilleos y Otras Inconformidades Sonoras" (Auditorio Multple, Universidad Javeriana 2016) I'm also interested in historical research and creative writing.