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NoPic NoChat

No_Pic_No_Chat, a visual artist based in Poland, specializes in film, photography, and objects. His work explores masculinity and intimacy, drawing inspiration from Joseph Campbell's monomyth theory and Carl Gustav Jung's "The Red Book." Residing in Poland, a country facing challenges in LGBTQ+ acceptance, his art serves as a poignant commentary on societal norms, fostering dialogue and introspection.His post-pxrn movies were selected for numerous festivals, including: San Fransisco PFF, Berlin PFF, Hacker PFF Reme, Post Pxrn FF Warsaw, PFF Vienna . Author of " No Pic No Chat, #Authonomy" book, 2021.


In my artistic journey, I navigate the realms of film, photography, and object creation, inspired by the profound theories of Joseph Campbell and Carl Gustav Jung. Through my lens, I delve into the nuanced exploration of masculinity and intimacy, challenging societal norms. Residing in Poland, where LGBTQ+ acceptance faces challenges, my work becomes a visual dialogue, inviting introspection and fostering understanding of diverse human experiences. Each creation serves as a testament to the power of art in questioning, provoking, and ultimately, evolving perspectives on identity and acceptance.