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Patric Stillman


Born in 1962 in Minnesota, Patric Stillman is a visual artist who has been dedicated to his artistry since 2004. He is best known for the gay-themed international bestseller Brotherhood Tarot and his artistic achievements include having been exhibited at the Musée du Louvre, SCOPE Miami Beach, Visual AIDS NYC and ArtShare LA. His work has appeared in the pages of Boston Pride Guides, RFD Magazine and Chelsea Station Magazine. He primarily paints out of his art studio located at The Studio Door, a fine art gallery he established to give emerging and mid career artists the opportunity to network, exhibit and learn about creative commerce. He is an arts columnist for LGBTQ San Diego County News as well as a board member of Hillcrest Business Association where he is working on the community project of Mural Alley. His art is collected by private art collectors throughout the United States. For more than twenty years, San Diego has been his home.

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Patric came out as a young man and found himself in a world coming to terms with a new disease that would become known as AIDS. He lost he first boyfriend and a best friend to AIDS in the early years of the disease. This propelled him to volunteer with Shanti in San Francisco, become office manager of Homestead Hospice and Shelter in Los Angeles, and Executive Director of Townspeople, helping men and women with HIV/AIDS to find sympathetic landlords in San Diego. He opened San Diego's first independent living complex for people struggling with HIV/AIDS.

In 2005, after losing a dear friend who committed suicide in part due to struggles with AIDS, Patric went through difficult period of his own that ended in his being hospitalized in critical condition with meningitis and seroconverted to HIV. With the gentle support of loved ones, he found an inner strength to embrace what he considers a second life, which is one filled with creativity.


Regardless of the movement of time, the personal impact of the AIDS epidemic continues to fuel my creative drive. As a gay man who came of age during the late 70’s, my entire world was put askew. I felt lost without the elders of the community. Creative mentors of my generation were robbed of their voices. It was incredibly difficult to enter into adulthood when my community was extremely guarded with their emotions due to the endless loss of friends and surrounded by a confused society, which seemed especially cruel.

Now, as a mature man, the sadness and anger of the past has forged into a desire to step up as a creative mentor of a sort. I have a burning need to create art that presents my truth honestly and openly in hopes that it will offer a sense of continuity and connectedness for others to accept themselves so that they can explore all that they can be. In spite of progress in human rights issues for the LGBTQIA community, coming to terms with one’s own identity is still a personal struggle.




Oct - Nov 2018 POS•I•TIV•I•TY, Perimeter Gallery at ArtShare LA

Sept - Nov 2108 Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit, North Coast Repertory Theater, Solana Beach, CA

Aug - Sept 2018 Fun Home, San Diego Repertory Theater, San Diego, CA

August 2018 - 2018 California Open Exhibition, TAG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

August 2018 The Fool's Journey Through Life, The Studio Door, San Diego, CA

July 2018 - June 2019 San Diego LGBTQ+, History, Struggles and Triumphs, San Diego History Center, San Diego, CA

June 2018 Artists' Resistance, ArtShare LA at Angel City Brewery DTLA

January 2018 Transcend and Transform, Visual AIDS, New York City (Curated Online Invitational)


October 2017 - January 2018 The Very Best of OMA Artist Alliance 2017, L Street Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, CA (Juried)

November 2017 Art Riot, Escondido Arts Partnership, Escondido, CA (Juried)

November 2017 San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild, San Diego, CA (Juried)

July 2017 Portraits, Escondido Arts Partnership Municipall Gallery, Escondido, CA

March - August 2017 OMA Artist Alliance at the Museum 2017, Oceanside Museum of Arts, Oceanside, CA (Juried)

February 2017 Documents and Pictures: Poway Performing Arts, Poway, CA (Juried)


December 2016 Studio Artists of The Studio Door, City of Encinitas, Encinitas, CA (Juried Exhibition)

June 2016 San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild Member Exhibition (Juried), Spanish Village, San Diego, CA

May 2016 Photographers Exhibition in conjunction with North Park Festival of the Arts, The Studio Door, San Diego, CA

April/May 2016 50 TO WATCH (Juried Biennial Regional Exhibition/ National Publication), The Studio Door, San Diego, CA

- Juried by Jenna S. Jacobs - Curatorial Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and

- Christine Knoke - Director of Exhibitions and Chief Curator / Mingei International Museum: Balboa Park, San Diego

February 2016 Artist Portfolio Magazine 5th Anniversary Exhibition, Online


December 2015 See/Me Final Exhibition (Photography), Scope Art Miami during Art Basil, Miami, FL (Invitational)

October 2015 Empyrean Artifacts, Venus Studios Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA

July 2015 5th Annual Exposure Exhibition (Photography), Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

July 2015 Artists of North Park 2015, Expressive Arts Gallery, San Diego, CA

July 2015 Art of Pride, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

July 2015 LGBT Family Unit, Space 4 Art, San Diego, CA

March 2015 Studio Artists Exhibition [30 Block North Park Art Night], The Studio Door, San Diego

January 2015 Pop Up Gallery [Ray at Night], San Diego Art Department, San Diego, CA


November 2014 Ray Street Artists Farewell, The Studio Door, San Diego, CA (Invitational)

August 2014 Art Walk San Diego, Liberty Station, San Diego, CA (Juried)

April 2014 Art Walk San Diego, Little Italy, San Diego, CA (Juried)

Mar 2014 1st Annual Art in the Garden, La Jolla, CA (Invited)

Jan/Feb 2014 Regional Show, San Diego Art Institute, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA (Juried)


July 2013 Art of Pride, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA - Juried 1st Prize (Juried)

July/August 2013 Ray Street Artists, Museum of the Living Artist, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

May/June 2013 Ray Street Artists, San Diego Art Department, San Diego, CA


January/May 2018 ANCESTRAL MEMORIES • North Park Main Street, San Diego, CA

July 2017 PERSON PLACE OR THING • The Studio Door, San Diego, CA

February 2016 BROTHERHOOD • San Diego Pride Offices, San Diego, CA

April/May 2015 City of Solana Beach: City Hall Gallery, Solana Beach, CA

June/July 2013 BROTHERHOOD • San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA


Reubens Collection - San Diego, CA

Souder - von Behren Collection - Palm Desert, CA

Paparella Collection - Paradise Valley, AZ

Kocon Collection - Belle Plaine, MN


Boston Pride Guide 2018 featured artwork along with article "Its About Time" written by Don Gorton

2018 Artie Award presented by Mission Federal ArtWalk for community activism in the arts

The Business of Art Scholarship Mentor, Mission Federal Artwork 2017

Published in 50 TO WATCH, The Studio Door, 2016

Named 2015 Mentor of the Year by Professional Artist Magazine, April/May 2016

Commissioned for MILK LOVES ART by Got Milk? [Charity: Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times], 2015/2016

Published in Ray Street Artists, San Diego Art Department, 2013


Digital Photography & Publisher of BROTHERHOOD TAROT


March 2018 Spanish Village Art Center Spring Membership, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

January 2017 • Thumbprint Gallery @ URBN, North Park, San Diego

December 2016 • Summation 2016, Escondido Arts Partnership Municipall Gallery

June 2016 • Student Craft Exhibition 2016, Mingei International Museum, Balboa Park

March 2016 • International Online Exhibition 2016, San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild

March 2016 • Top 100 Exhibition 2016, Southwestern Artists Association, Spanish Village, Balboa Park

February - July 2016 • Curated local LGBT artists for solo exhibitions at San Diego Pride offices


2017 Member, Athenaeum Music and Arts Library

2017 Member, Escondido Arts Partnership

2015 - Current Member, The San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild

2015 - Current Member, Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance

2015 - Current Member, San Diego Museum of Art

2015 - Current Board Director, North Park Main Street

2014 - Current Member, North Park Main Street

2014 - Current Owner, The Studio Door

2014 - Current Member, San Diego Regional Arts Coalition

2014 - Current Member, GSDBA

2012 - Current Member, San Diego Art Institute

2012 - 14 Member Artist of San Diego Art Institute - North Park

2012 - 14 Chair, Board of Directors of Film Consortium Foundation,

2003 - 14 Entrepreneur for Artist Development and Arts Initiatives (formerly Oak Grove Oracle)

2013 Executive Director of Space 4 Art

1997-2013 Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Media Arts Center San Diego