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Rafael Sánchez


A funny thing happened on the way to the theater...

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Balloon(s) Talk: Jim Fletcher Interviews Rafael Sanchez Talk

An Evening with Rafael Sánchez, Artists Space, September 7, 2017.

An Evening with Rafael Sánchez, Mask Magazine, Fall 2017



Havana, Cuba, 1960

Rutgers University, Newark, NJ

duCret School of the Arts

One Person Exhibitions:

Unfinished Masterpiece Casino X, Las Vegas, 2008

Balloons Umbrellas Turntables Participant Inc, NYC, 2004

¿ Puff ? Z Deli, NYC, 1997

Unfinished Masterpiece Barneys Windows, NYC, 1997

Sugar Paintings Hoboken Dental Specialties, Hoboken, 1995

Teatro de la Cabeza Foundation Elba, Nijmegen, NL, 1993

R.S. Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, 1991

Unfinished Masterpiece D' Clic Arts Club, Paris, 1989

Black White Paintings, etc. Finck Residence, NYC, 1987

R.S. Hallwalls, Buffalo, 1987

Look Don't Touch Aljira Arts, Newark, 1985

Group Exhibitions:

Millennium Magazines Museum of Modern Art, NYC, 2012

Strange Birds Center for Book Arts, NYC, 2012

The (S)treet FilesEl Museo del Barrio, NYC, 2011

Double-Bill Art in General, NYC, 2010

Küf / Mold Rotterdam, 2009

Istanbul, 2007

Ghent, 2008

Unsteady Studio 1.1, London, 2006

This Hard, Gem-like Flame Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, 2005

The Record Show Exit Art, NYC, 2001

The Pineal Body w / Gail Thacker at Jenny's Place, NYC, 2001

Fashioned White Box Gallery, NYC, 1998 / Philadelphia, 1998 Alternatives Hallwalls, Buffalo, 1995

Mob @

Speedway Speedway Gallery, Boston, 1993

The Naming of the Colors White Columns, NYC, 1993

Dress Codes Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, 1993

Mob @

620 Pavonia Ave. C6, Jersey City, 1992

Selections Artists' Space, NYC, 1990

Mob @

3 Boys from Italy Pizzeria, Jersey City, 1989

Performance & Theatre Works:

Fandango! w / Jim Fletcher, Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami, 2008

Rafael Sánchez & Rafael Sánchez w / Rafael Sánchez, Gershwin Hotel, NYC, 2007

TABLE project w / Kathleen White, Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC, 2006

The Three Voices Performa, Participant Inc, NYC, 2005

REVOLVER Participant Inc, NYC, 2004

Subdivisions for Miss Gowanus, Red Dive, Gowanus Canal, Brklyn, 2003

Les Fleurs des Vents Fruit Farm Film Festival, McMinnville, OR, 2002

Market Theater, Cambridge, 2001

Gerswhin Hotel, NYC, 2001

Dark Pearl Armada Festival, Nijmegen, NL, 2000

The Libation Bearers Thread Waxing Space, NYC, 1999

Dream On Jackie 60, NYC, 1997

Water Boy Jackie 60, NYC, 1997

Feed the Birds Extrapol, Nijmegen, NL, 1996

Interlude a garden in Brooklyn, 1996

Rising for the Moon Jackie 60, NYC, 1996

A Goat's Song X-Teresa, Mexico City, 1995

Boog-a-loo Rushmore Festival, Orange County, NY, 1994

Bedtimestory Rushmore Festival, Orange County, NY, 1993


Rough Boy 5min. video with R. D. Realmuto, music: ZZ Top, 2008

REVOLVER 30min.performance video edit w / Laura Parnes, 2005

Rooftop Balloon Inflation

Filming Experiment Event w / Glen Fogel, duration variable, film & video, 2003

Lazy 7min. video, music: Deep Purple, 2003

Wuthering Heights 15min. super 8mm to video edit w / Yael Bitton, 1999

Stormtrooper in Stilettos 10min. video montage, music: Queen, 1998

Little Prayers 15min. super 8mm to video edit w / Claire Barnier, 1995

Awards & Residencies:

Braziers Artists Workshop, UK, 2004

Creative Capital Foundation, 2002

Braziers Artists Workshop, UK, 1999

New Jersey State Council on the Arts, 1992

Usine Ephemere, Paris, 1989

Selected Bibliography:

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Collaborations, Plays, Films, Projects, Screenings, etc:

Dolmen Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art & Citizenry

2011, Ms. Bette Midler; 2012, Dr. Steve Cannon


w / Kathleen White, in.2004, ongoing >

Somewhat Portable Dolmen

w / Kathleen White, in. 2007, ongoing >

A Song For You

Anthology Film Archives 2002, 2004; Gershwin Hotel, 2006, 2009

People Without History

a play by Richard Maxwell, NYC Players, Performing Garage , 2009

Crime or Emergency

a play by Sibyl Kempson & Mike Iveson, PS 122, 2009


a projection work by Richard Maxwell & Michael Schmelling, NYC Players, PS 122, 2009


a film by Redmond Entwistle, 2010


Robert Whitman Projects, DIA, NYC, 1983