Sami Basbous

Sami Basbous is a multi-disciplinary artist; singer/songwriter, composer, painter, sculptor, and creative writer. He has lived in Beirut, Montreal, Lagos, London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, and L.A. He has performed musically, and exhibited his work in many cities. His paintings, music, writings, and installations reflect that. “Farewell Beirut, O Scarlet Tramp” an album released in 2010 blended indie pop rock, electronic, Arabic, African and free-form Jazz.

He has meshed varied genres of music organically and digitally. His writings, musical lyrics, and poetry uncover and veil personal stories. His psychological portraits question the viewer and seek a truth. They do not as much convey the exterior and reassuring appearance of the models, but reveal instead the strange figure of their inner personality. His abstract work possesses an expressive value that confers on the work its plasticity. His art is not systematic and he'd like to think escapes formula. It is as much dominated by sensibility as by technique. His paintings, inculcate a new dimension by stripping them of all artifice, of all literary intention. In writings, he speaks of life, tells stories; his own as well as fictional ones.