Sebron Kendrick


Sebron L. Kendrick was born on September 16, 1956, in East Chicago, Indiana. He is the youngest of five siblings, four brothers and one sister. He was encouraged to at a young age for his exceptional artistic talent. He soon flourished throughout his primary and secondary years as a young developing artist. As a result, Sebron enrolled in Illinois State University (ISU) in Bloomington, Illinois. Studying under phenomenal instructors such as Jim Butler, Harold Gregor and C Louis Steinberg. Sebron excelled in both painting and print making including intaglio and lithography. During his studies at Illinoi State University, Sebron taught Introduction to Art and co-taught Introduction to Lithography. He also served as both consultant and participant in the Bloomington/ Normal Cultural Festival. Sebron earned a Master of Science degree with a concentration in Fine Arts from Illinois State University in 1990. Sebron is a current resident of Omaha, Nebraska.


For me, expression and exploration is what it's all about! Feeling free to experiment with new materials and ideas. In my work, I strive to be honest. I try to get at the essence of what it is that inspires me to create in the first place. In an effort to better express myself experimentation becomes very important. If I need to employ non-traditional means to do so, then so be it I also try to stay in touch with my intuition. Doing so allows me to remain spontaneous and less inhibited. Thus, allowing for more honesty. I am more interested in the attractiveness of the color or shape of a particular thing, but always it is the love of paint that infatuates me. The whole history of art fascinates me, however, it is the artist who challenged the norm, who stretched the limits and boundaries that have influenced me and my own work the most. There are four major movements that have played a significant role in influencing my work. Those movements are, Classical, Renaissance, Impressionism, and Abstract Expressionism. Due to my keen interest in Classical Art coupled with a great appreciation for the human body, my work may very well remain figurative and somewhat symmetrical, both of which are important aspects of the classical era. I believe that we can and do make a difference. I believe that the art of every culture matters and that we can all contribute. My gift is my art! My primary means of expressing myself is through my paintings. I hope that when I am finished painting I will have made a difference.