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stVincent is simply obsessed with shoes! Sean Theodore (from which the st is derived) defected from Los Angeles to Paris in 1987 following his high school graduation on a sole-searching quest. While there, he perfected a process for making shoe prototypes from mere tissue paper. As his paper cobbling skills progressed, he found a market for this unique art and produced two stellar, well-received exhibitions. This wasn't enough patronage for our Saint of Shoes. In 1990, He moved to London where he completed courses in the fundamentals of shoe-making at Cordwainers College. He premiered his very own line, Sean Vincent Shoes, four years later. Having the financial means to only manufacture samples, the line had a hard time getting off the ground. In spite of adversity, the merchandise sold-out due to its famed comfort, a rare find in women's luxury footwear even today. Sean relocated to New York City in the early 2000's. Here he integrated fashion, portraiture, collage, and historical figures distinctly Americana to bring forth SOLE PORTRAITS, a shoeseum of biographical homage relevant today and accessible for the generations to come.