Szymon by the dutch photographer 4671

Szymon Adamczak


Szymon Adamczak (1991) is a dramaturg, theatre and performance maker with a vital interest in HIV-related culture. In the field of performing arts he sustains relationships and collaborations between public institutions and independent artists working across disciplines. Through his work, Szymon weaves poetic imagination, visual sensitivity and socially aware actions taking place onstage and in the public realm.

With a background in organizing and programming in the arts, Szymon is interested in the proximity of artistic practice and civic engagement. In recent years he has been involved with the broad legacy of response to HIV and AIDS. As an artist affiliated with Biennale Warszawa he initiated and runs the research platform “Polish EIDS”. Szymon is also interested in queer thought, reading groups, critical pedagogy, self-publishing. He lives in Amsterdam, works for STUDIO theatregallery in Warsaw as dramaturg, and volunteers for HIV Vereniging, an organization for people living with HIV.