Idafiele Teresa H Project 2

Teresa Fabião


Teresa Fabião is a dancer, educator, artivist and researcher in dance. She has developed a multidisciplinary path in between different body languages (classical, contemporary, african and afro-brazilian dances, capoeira), and among diverse contexts of doing-thinking dance (academic, artistic, somatic and popular). Born in Portugal, based for 8 years based in Brazil, where she received her PhD in Performing Arts and a Masters in Dance. She is currently finishing her certification in expressive art therapy at the Tamalpa Institute (California). Currently based in Porto, Portugal.

She received several grants and performed/ taught in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Colombia and Italy. Member of the International Community of Women Living with HIV. She collaborates on a regular basis with Seres, the only association in Portugal for women living with HIV. Winner of the European Union support ´Eramus for Young Entreperneurs´, with a project of inclusion and holistic health through expressive arts/dance, directed to the HIV community. Together with Paolo Gorgoni, she created VIRAL a collective engaged with using the arts to create a space for empowerment and to break the silence and stigmas around people living with hiv.


My path in activism goes beyond the cause of HIV/ AIDS. It stands for human rights.

I´m committed with the construction of a space for diversity. I stand for the dissolution of oppression, rejection, guilt, moralism, secrecy, denial of pleasure and invisibility associated with the female body, and so many other oppressed bodies. In my art and workshops, I intend to inspire others to return to the body, to the sense of belonging, to empathy, to an experience of shared humanity.

As HIV/ AIDS doesn´t choose gender, class, skin color, I believe this cause has the potencial of being a crossroads and a “connector” between diferent counterhegemony causes.

Just as racism is an issue that touches everyone, HIV is not "their" matter, it´s everyone´s matter. In order to transform the reality around HIV/ AIDS, it´s necessary that we assume our co-responsibility in controlling the epidemic.