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Tink Finsbury


Tink Finsbury is a fine art and commercial photographer.



Delivery Notes

Sitting behind the wheel of my white '94 Honda Accord, I enter address information into my iPhone for the next delivery. Along with ever-present concerns for safety and on-time hot pizzas, I anticipate experiencing another incredible sunset as I get ready to drive northwest towards a pink-purple sky. Driving with my camera at the ready power-poles and trees whizz by between intermittent vistas of Lake Jackson....

The methodology of photographing while delivering pizzas produced a kind of snapshot potpourri style. Compositions were both intentional and accidental, but always captured intended colors and qualities of light. The series rose out of a desire to record the beautiful serene colors of North Florida sunsets and then morphed into a multi-style series with contrasting energies. Like the short-lived freshness of fast-food, 5”x7” inkjet prints are presented on non-archival matte paper with 1.5" corrugated cardboard pizza-box window mattes inside 8”x10” 'dollar-store' black plastic frames. $10 CHEAP!