Tracy Silverberg


There is a world around us full of visions and opportunities to feed our imagination. Although, my BA in Communications filled a basic quest for knowledge, it didn’t make me smarter. It did, however, help to sharpen my awareness of my surroundings, to ask questions and to see things in a different light.

Through the use of photography I have been able to capture a moment, real or imagined, in time. It all begins with a vision. I have endeavored to constantly experiment with the creation of images that I hope will engage my audience and share my vision. To accomplish this goal, I have attempted to blend a 19th century process known as shadow pictures with 21st century techniques. Shadow pictures are made during the printing process by positioning one or more objects between a light source and photosensitive paper. The resulting image consists of shapes, forms and tones that vary widely. This process also represents my attempt to rediscover the past and couple it with the future.

The subject matter I have chosen for the photographs contains a theatrical distance. Like looking through a heavy veil, this gives the viewer a sense of seeing the normal in an abstract manner. Some photos contain a heavy texture, which draws an imaginary line, representative of a break from the real to the surreal. I like to separate the viewer from the subject through my use of texture, toning and unconventional angles. Daily life, so far, has not changed my belief in human nature or my interest in the oddity of mankind in general. As viewers experience my work, I hope to supply the onlooker with a voyeuristic stance, looking objectively but inquisitively at the nature that flourishes in these photographs.

Tracy Silverberg

“The function of Art is to disturb. Science reassures.” - George Braque -



2005 Photography, The Glassell School of Art, M FAH, Houston,TX

1994 BS Communications, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX

1991-1994 Studied photography under Keith Carter, Beaumont, TX

1990 Theatre, University of Houston, Houston TX


2007 Interruptions, Exhibition with John Painter, Gallery M2, Houston, TX

2006 The Glassell School of Art, Annual Student Exhibition, Francesca Fuchs, Stephanie Martz, Carl Sudduth Jurors, Houston TX

2005 Group Exhibition, Face, Art Car Museum, Houston, TX

2005 Program for Wellness Exhibition, University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX

Empower 2005 Art Show, The Greater Houston GLBT Chamber of Commerce, George R. Brown Convention Center, Blakely Bering, Navid Ghedami, Justin Matthias, Gus Kporiva Jurors, Houston, TX

2004 Lawndale Art Center, The Big Show, Juried Exhibition, Houston, TX

2004 Lawndale Art Center, The Big Slide Show, Houston, TX

2004 Eastman Gallery, Group Exhibition, Houston, TX

2004 Astoria, Group Exhibition, Barnevelder Threatre, Houston ,TX

2004 Gay Men’s Chorus of Houston, Silent Moon 2004, Warwick Hotel, Houston, TX

2004 The Glassell School of Art, Upper Gallery, Clint Willour Juror, Houston, TX

2004 Eastman Gallery, Group Exhibition, The Human Form, Houston, TX

2003 Eastman Gallery, Group Exhibition, Houston, TX

2003 Visual Aids, Share Your Vision, Group Exhibition, Yona Backer, Ellen Birenbaum, Moukhar Kocache, Ernesto Pojol, Debra Singer, Jurors, Artists Space, NY, NY

2003 The Krewe of Olympus-Texas, Inc., Fais Do Do Fundraiser, Houston, TX

2003 The Montrose Clinic, Ms Mint Julep, Rich’s, Houston, TX

2003 The Dunstan, Group Exhibition, Houston, TX

2003 David Lewis Images, Group Exhibition, Houston, TX

2003 Gay Men’s Chorus of Houston, Silent Moon 2003, Warwick Hotel, Houston, TX