Photo credit: Sheyla Baykel, Annabel Graham

If you have not been to see, Not only this, but 'New language beckons us.' here are 25 reasons to go.

Not only this, curated by Andrew Blackley for Visual AIDS, is composed of archival objects from the Fales Library's Downtown Collection coupled with newly commissioned texts from contemporary artists and writers. Each text corresponds to a figure or object from the collection and highlights interpersonal affinities and adjacencies, influences and recollections. These couplings give voice to still-present narratives and discourses orbiting the intersection of art and HIV/AIDS—a theme that speaks to Visual AIDS' ongoing mission: to serve as an advocate for artists with AIDS and to recognize art as a tool for education and activism in the fight against AIDS. Below is the list of the 25 writers and artists and they work they are responding to.

  1. Julie Ault -- Martin Wong Papers
  2. Dodie Bellamy -- Kathy Acker (Ira Silverberg Papers)
  3. Gregg Bordowitz -- Frank Moore Papers
  4. Nancy Brooks Brody -- Martin Wong Papers
  5. Elijah Burger -- Denis Cooper Papers
  6. Kathe Burkhart -- Cookie Mueller (Serpent's Tail / High Risk Books Archive)
  7. Sean Carrillo -- Jack Smith (Serpent's Tail / High Risk Books Archive)
  8. Peter Cramer -- Mix Collection, 1970 - 2001
  9. Lia Gangitano -- Hunter Reynolds Papers and Collection
  10. Matthias Herrmann -- David Wojnarowicz Papers
  11. Jim Hubbard -- James Wentzy (Mix Collection)
  12. Doug Ishar -- Nan Goldin & David Wojnarowicz (Sylvére Lotringer Papers and Semiotext(e) Archive)
  13. William E. Jones -- Polysexulity (Sylvére Lotringer Papers and Semiotext(e) Archive)
  14. John Keene -- Martin Wong Papers
  15. Kevin Killian -- David Wojnarowicz Papers
  16. Nathanaël -- David Wojnarowicz Papers
  17. John Neff -- Robert Blanchon Papers and Collection
  18. Uzi Parnes -- Lou Maletta (Gay Cable Network Archives)
  19. Mary Patten -- Robert Blanchon Papers and Collection
  20. Nina Sobell -- Stuart Sherman Papers
  21. Ela Troyano -- Jack Smith (Serpent's Tail / High Risk Books Archive)
  22. Ultra-red -- David Wojnarowicz Papers
  23. Jack Waters -- Valerie Caris (Jack Waters Papers)
  24. Joe Westmoreland -- Denis Cooper Papers
  25. Danh Vo -- Martin Wong Papers