On August 22, 2013, Visual AIDS along with the Pop Up Museum of Queer History and the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, held a public forum entitled, (re)Presenting AIDS: Culture and Accountability. Moderated by legendary activist, broadcaster and organizer Ann Northrop, the forum included presentations by people working in the field of art, AIDS and representation, and a larger conversation with the whole room. The event has been transcribed and available for download.

Below are the presentations and a few highlights from the conversation. Download the full transcript at: (re)Presenting AIDS transcript


Jason Bauman, NYPL: Pushing back against the normalization of AIDS, and presenting the past as vital to now
Kia Benbow, artist: Creating a fresh way to look at AIDS
Jim Hubbard, filmmaker: People with AIDS, Victory and the ownership of story
Karl McCool, Dirty Looks: Presenting history as ongoing, not as the past
Kris Nuzzi, curator: Exhibitions, being open, and the importance of working with artists
Hunter O'Hainan, Leslie Lohman Museum: Truth, exhibitions and feedback
Edwin Ramoran, the Studio Museum in Harlem: Sharing stories is a way to share lives
Hugh Ryan, Pop Up Museum of Queer History: The importance of history as a tool
Amy Sadao, ICA: The work of representing the ongoing impact of HIV within the art world
Nelson Santos, Visual AIDS: The possibilities of bringing the past and the present together

Conversation Highlights:

Zach Frater, Amy Sadao and Edwin Ramaron: Mentorship, and navigating institutions as people of color
Trina Rose: "Super Crip" and connecting the dots between HIV and Disability
Hannelore Williams: Working to end stupidity and silence with her film Dirty Thirty