Photographer Lyle Ashton Harris fabulously captured intimate scenes from last year's Last Address Tribute Walk throughout the East Village. We hope to see you Saturday, August 29 2015 for this year's version of the annual event, which will take place throughout Chelsea, with readings in tribute to Assotto Saint, Vito Russo, Félix González-Torres, Robert Mapplethorpe, Tseng Kwong Chi, Hugh Steers and Chloe Dzubilo. Further event information here.

Lyle's photography captures last year's walk through poignant black and white images. In a spirit of lively remembrance, Joshua Lubin-Levy read at the last address of Jack Smith (21 1st Avenue); Wendy Olsoff read at the last NYC address of Martin Wong (141 Ridge Street); Riley Hooker read at the last address of Arthur Russell (437 E. 12th Street); Bryn Kelly tributed Valerie Blitz by reading at ABC No Rio (156 Rivington Street); Narcissister read at the last address of Klaus Nomi (103 St. Marks Place); and Lyle Ashton Harris and Alex Fialho read at the last address of Peter Hujar and David Wojnarowicz (189 2nd Avenue).

Though these may be the last addresses where each artist lived, the life of their work continues to inspire today's generation.The constellation of readings and roses, drawings and doorsteps of the tribute walks is a site for community based remembrance and response. We hope to see you Saturday, August 29 2015 for this year's version of the annual event; further information here.

Read about the 2013 Last Address Tribute Walk on the Visual AIDS blog as well.

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Jack Smith

Martin Wong

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David Wojnarowicz

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Chloe Dzubilo

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Hugh Steers