“Let the record show that there are many in the community of art and artists who choose not to be silent in the 1980s.”
– Bill Olander

Monday, March 18th, 2013, marked the 24th anniversary of William (Bill) Olander’s death from causes related to HIV/AIDS. He was a founding member of Visual AIDS. He understood art as an important tool in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Olander was a writer and prolific curator. Landmark exhibitions include The Art of Memory/The Loss of History (1985), Homo Video: Where We Are Now (1986) and Let the Record Show (1987).

As the senior curator at the New Museum, Olander worked with the art collective Gran Fury in their creation of the now iconic window installation, “Let the Record Show” (1987).

To honor Olander’s ongoing legacy, Visual AIDS presents the Bill Olander award annually to an artist or arts worker living with HIV.

Olander is remembered by his friends and family, including his brother Bob, who remembers Bill as his hero.

William Olander’s New York Times Obituary.