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Beto Pérez


Beto Pérez is a joto and vicho* that lives and works in Tlaxcala, Mexico. HIV organizer, TV producer and an independent cultural worker that has co-founded coarco in 2010. He has received the 2013 and 2019 PECDA State of Mexico Grants. Mention in the 2018 National Journalism Award. His work has been screened at the Brooklyn Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, New Museum, MOCA LA, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, MAMBO, among others thanks to the Visual AIDS support.

In 2022 he presented his documentary "In the future" at the International AIDS Conference held in Montreal, Canada.

What would an HIV doula do member since 2022.

In december 2022 he has founded cepa, a first network of artists and people living with HIV in the city where he lives.

*Vicho (Bug) is a form adopted in many Latin America countries to speak about seropositive status.


Beto Pérez calls himself joto* and vicho**, is an artist living and working and in the small city of Tlaxcala, Mexico where he organizes events related to HIV culture. His artistic work investigates HIV history beyond the limits of scientific, academic and Western notions of progress. If history is a document, it has to be owned collectively, from poetry, to protest, journals, gardening and more. A quest for memory to take over the fatigue, the boredom, the routine, necessary conditions for medical surveillance. To do this, he uses art installation, video and performance.