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George Dinhaupt


George Dinhaupt is an artist / educator who lives and works in Los Angeles. He maintains his studio practice and has been engaging Cultural Portraiture for more than 20 years. Examples of his work can be found on the Visual AIDS WEB Site, in the collection of the Leslie-Lohman Museum, The collection of the Long Beach Museum of Art, and Recent images posted on the VISUAL AIDS Site were made possible with a generous Artist Materials Grant from Visual AIDS.


My work is often referred to as “Honorific Portraiture.” I work the tradition through Cultural Portraiture. Influences are diverse as are subjects and styles in my work. My black-and-white portraits, as in my “With Us” series in the 1990’s, were influenced by portrait artists of the time, while more recent work, utilizing natural light and candid settings like roadside diners and hotel rooms, point to “snapshot” and “documentary” influences. I continue using the language of the studio with instant-film self portraits. Specific representations in my work are chosen to focus the viewer’s attention on identity’s presence and to force a reading: confrontational, and inviting. The work operates to suggest a strong, undeniable presence of desire and is intended to engage the viewer in a participatory process. GEORGIE


Solo Exhibitions

George Dinhaupt, Starlight, Starbright, L2Kontemporary Gallery, Los Angeles, 2013.

George Dinhaupt, Spaces, L2Kontemporary Gallery, Los Angeles, 2010.

George Dinhaupt, Working Alone, L2Kontemporary Gallery, Los Angeles, 2007.

Selected Exhibitions


The Selfie, Museum of New Art, Armada, MI

Enriching & Engaging, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach


Recent Acquisitions, Leslie-Lohman Museum, New York

Doing Your Dirty Work, Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco


Project Space, L2Kontemporary Gallery, Los Angeles

Uncensored: Queer Art and the Church, Leslie-Lohman Museum, New York

Doing Your Dirty Work, Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco


Works on Paper, Colonial House, New York City

Queer Me 2011, The Center, New York City, produced by the QCA of the CAA


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