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Hannecke Gustavo


I was born in Salta, Argentina, in 1960.

I have two sons, a granddaughter and a great partner. They are my strength and I do love them very much. The rest of my family disowned me for being gay and HIV poz.

I have university degrees in Mathematics and Physics and worked mostly in the IT/Computing fields until 2001.

I am a photographer and digital artist by trade and family history (I was born in a house with a dark room, I'm the 4th generation of photographers). Currently, I am also a part time model for art classes.

I focus mostly on portraiture, nature, artistic nudes and HIV Advocacy. Past exhibits include galleries and exhibits in Ottawa (ont), Toronto (ont), Montreal (qbc) and Vancouver (bc).

Last, I am an advocate for HIV causes. I am poz myself. I volunteer my time to provide support, education and whatever is needed for people living with HIV/AIDS or people that have questions about it.

My idea of life? If we are lucky, we will make it and get very old (I'm old already ! ). A balance between wisdom and taking risks makes for an often bumpy but interesting journey to get there (the very old age thing). So then.. here I am walking this journey knowing that this is my life .. the only one I got.. and is up to me to make the most of it. Trying to be wise but taking a hell of lot risks while going.. Looking back, it was a good and really bumpy ride.. Looking forward, almost scaring.. Looking at the present: I love my children, my dog.. my people.. and my work.. so is all good.