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Jeffrey Scott Wilson

Jeffrey is an artistic medium, a poz gay feminist mostly-vegan-but-also-eats-chicken knitter, and art activist. He is currently engaged in a few different projects:

The HIV Chronicles: an accounting of Jeffrey's living with HIV/AIDS through whatever media suits the purpose. Currently embroidery, costumery and watercolor.

City Scapes: (sic, man. sic) large-format on-site architectural drawings of the artist's favorite spots in NYC, drawn with an emphasis on unseen kvetches.

Sinopias: brown ink/wash drawings, of various sizes. The longest-running series of drawings.

Polychromes: ink and/or watercolor drawings on paper, with color and shading, fanciful details. Wizard of Oz walking into technicolor.


I believe in art as activism, in art having the potential to change hearts and minds.

I believe in the sheer force of beauty as tremendous power—as evidenced in nature, when She is out in glorious full display. Nothing can rival.

I hide behind her skirts.