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Joseph Stabilito


Joseph Stabilito creates lyrical abstract worldscapes. His canvases brim with color and energy. Densely layered with poured acrylic paint, bold gestural lines and intricate ink drawings dance together to create dreamy, poetic compositions. In these paintings, large biometric forms coexist with cybergrids, skulls and other hidden imagery. They are simultaneously macro and micro. Each work opens a unique realm of interpretations, inviting the viewer
to delve into the recesses of the artist’s universe. These are paintings that you will get lost in.


My work is a continuing exploration of what I can do with paint. The process itself draws me into the work. Every painting is a unique conversation with color and form. Mistakes along the way lead to surprising discovery and growth. I think of these paintings as abstracted landscapes...a cross pollination of overlapping worlds.
I react to what I see in my life. I am influenced by color, texture, and decoration. Everything that sifts through my imagination reemerges in the work. The visions in my head are of networks, veins, cracks, cells, anatomy, roots, trees, and more. I begin by pouring paint onto the canvas, allowing it to bleed at will. Shapes flow into tributaries of color. Wandering patterns make their way to the surface, creating spaces within spaces, and paintings within paintings. Doodles and gestural flourishes annotate system and method. In the end, I am attempting to create a personal interior world, albeit ugly beautiful, but one that I hope the viewer can enter and explore.