featured gallery for December 2000


This Web show contains selections from Lightbox: A Traveling Exhibit.

For Lightbox, Stefanie Nagorka and Sur Rodney (Sur), both Visual AIDS Board Members, have selected two 35mm slides representing each member artist currently registered with the Visual AIDS Archive Project. The Archive Project is open to all professional artists diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and has become a valuable resource for curators, researchers, educators, and students. The over 350 slides selected for the exhibit, displayed in lightboxes, provide an overview of the breadth and depth of the Archive member artists. As more artists join the Archive and members continue to produce new work, Lightbox will grow and change.

The Archive Project was formed in 1994 in response to a growing concern about the dispersal or destruction of the work of visual artists with AIDS. As an archive, the project's aim is to ensure that the cultural legacy of artists with HIV/AIDS is preserved, thereby safeguarding their place within art history and providing a visual record of the AIDS pandemic for future generations. Members of the Archive cross a broad spectrum of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and financial security. They range from established artists to emerging artists to self-taught artists. Visual AIDS provides free photo-documentation of the work of artists with HIV/AIDS, and member artists are provided with slides to enable them to seek gallery representation, grants, and residencies.

Lightbox opens at the Montclair Museum, in Montclair, New Jersey, on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2000. The exhibit then travels to Rutgers University's Robeson Gallery, Newark, New Jersey where it will run from December 18, 2000 to January 28, 2001. There, Lightbox will be displayed with a selection of the artwork represented in the slides.

Lightbox is available for exhibit in a variety of venues. If you are interested in displaying Lightbox and would like more information, please contact Visual AIDS.