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Richard Treitner


I am a gay, fine artist, poet, photographer, writer, sculptor,jewelry maker, crafter of sacred and ceremonial objects, and a priest twice over.....First as a Shamanic-Witch High Priest in the Dreamwalker tradition, and second through a Native American Indian run church. I am Bear clan and was one of Chief Tue Bears' spiritual people. Although I am not Native by birth, nor do I pretend to be, it is my spiritual path. I try my best to walk in beauty and do my path honor. I also read tarot and have done some psychic work in the past.

I have been positive since March 10, 1993, but it does not define me. I have shown professionally since I was about 17 years old. I am 54 as of this writing and counting, though I have died once and returned to tell of it. I am a survivor of many things, and hopefully will continue doing so for quite some time still to follow.


My artwork is not easily defined, but it is largely inspired by the shamanic work and culture of our ancestors, as well as current practitioners. It is also inspired by expressionism, outsider art, supposed "primitivism", and many other things. An early description that stuck for a while was "semi-erotic, neo-pagan, psychedelic, folk art". Meanwhile my photography runs the gamut from mystical to socio-political, nature, sexuality, portraiture and people, urban to rural , landscapes, fine art, randomness, and more. My poetry covers many autobiographical, societal, personal, and political and the magickal. I guess I am eclectic and broadly inspired. I hope you like what you see. -Rev. H.P., Richard J. Treitner, Nighteagle