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Milton Garcia Ninja


Milton Garcia Ninja (A.K.A. MGNinja) is a cartoonist whose poetry alongside his cartoon vignettes are prolific in portraying aspects of his life & the lives of those around him. A member of the Legendary House of Ninja in NYC’s House/Ballroom scene & deemed an icon within this creative community, Milton continues to inspire LGBTQ youth, young adults & other communities with his takes on beauty in the simplicity of life. He is an artist, cartoonist, voguer, dancer, choreographer & public speaker who defies conventional truths in society & depicts life through his artwork plus his other endeavors in an enjoyable, yet powerful fashion. In August 2002, Milton was diagnosed HIV positive & has never lost his commitment to enlightening everyone he knows & meets through his unique life experiences. His tenacity in living each moment as if it was the last went abruptly in check when he discovered his spiritual destiny at the help of his deceased grandmother’s influence in his life. He has managed to survive self-induced conditions due to mental & emotional issues which included drug addiction & learning to love himself again loving his partner of 7 years in good & bad times. Milton’s cartoon vignettes are sometimes what he call them sometimes a “pictorial diary” of what inspires & drives him to better himself plus others around him. Milton Garcia Ninja is a cartoonist among other talents who is committed to documenting his life experiences & moments some may take for granted but he never does. From subjects as simple as the color red & strawberries to complex issues such as infidelity in relationships, Milton Garcia Ninja (A.K.A. MGNinja) still has a relevant point of view that is both unique & interpretative in a captivating light. His colorful, playful & expressive cartoons will endure in your memory & your heart that are memorable but also stand the test of time.