featured gallery for October 2003


Being so involved with an institution dedicated to protecting, preserving and promoting erotic art gives many occasions to try and answer the question, "What makes a piece of art erotic?" Well, when viewing a work you can feel something in your heart. Or experience something in your head. Or you can sense something down there. It isn't as simple (or pornographic) as just "wanting" the subject. You may feel desire or you may feel the desire from, or within, the subjects.

The pieces we selected are about appeal. And want. But they are not wanton. They may invoke a carnal desire. They are attractive. We are attracted to some area of sexuality through what they make us feel. They may be stirring. Or somehow suggestive. Or they may just remind us that man is a sexual animal.

We were both excited and honored to explore Visual AIDS Archive Project and see what energy was there. To be able to explore the power, the self-assuredness, the sadness, the pleasure and the sexiness of what the artists revealed to us.