Pedro Padosan



A child from the diasporic movement originated in Brazil in the 60’s between the Northeast region and São Paulo, it was only by the age of 32 that started to identify myself as a black man. It was then that started to uderstand why my body it was/is this territory of constant moviment and conflict. That took me to begin explore performance art as a way of reverberate this questions surrounding my own body.

Expanded my work to different mediums as an artist and as a teacher, and discovered in photography my own way of “writing” the world. The alleged objectivity of photographs and its almost insurmountable iconography were subject for my practices, where I explore the blur of the image in the pinhole camera and the flexibility of alternative photographic processes.

Walking is attempts to exist and also resist my own erasure. Walking as an act of transcendence. To walk fills my senses, as allows me to see and to transform myself as well as those who sees me.

In the year of 2016 I achieved the goal of having an exclusive space for my own production. Since then I dedicate my time to research and teaching, seeking through photography and performance art to reflect on the movements and conflicts that, not only surround me, but are also in me. Evoé