Raymond Bordeaux


Born and raised in places like Omaha, Nebraska and Battle Lake, Minnesota made my upbringing remarkably non artistic- More like just surviving the drama and dreaming about the fantasy world called California. Spending my adult life as an artist in California is a testimony to my strength of survival, as well as a testimony to my love of FUN! With the challenge of more than twenty-five years of HIV infection I have oftentimes only been motivated by my creative abilities.


"You will have one good year, followed by one not so good year, followed by...." were the words coming from my doctor in February of 1987. Yes, that 1987. No drugs, no hope, no discussion. I went to many funerals and of course had the chance to meet many sick men and yet I always hoped and prayed that I would live through this and die when I was originally supposed to. Of course I don't know what my original life plan was, or how long I was going to last, but to the best of my ability I have not only survived this epidemic for a long time but I have also insisted on living a meaningful life. My pictures are simplistic, and they are always an important memory in my life. I receive complete joy when I make others happy with my images.