featured gallery for July 2005

The Male Gaze

Why are some artists drawn to beauty, like moths to the flame? For some, nothing is more beautiful than the male form. Through a gay man's eyes, the male form can be revered, worshiped and romanticized.

In the animal kingdom, the male of a species can be more colorful and vivid than the female, for example the peacock, with its colorful plumage and cocky strut. That's not the case with humans.

But times are changing. The advertising world pumps out campaigns for Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch highlighting the male form to almost God-like attention. Hollywood breeds actors (like Brad Pitt and Ashton Kutcher) who are perhaps better known for their looks, than their acting. As a result, the standards of male beauty are shifting: a new breed of "Metrosexual" is replacing the Marlboro Man. Men suddenly care about grooming and body. They are slowly adopting the standards women alone have held for too long, a standard that mushrooms with time and the mighty advertising dollar.

Within these societal shifts, a gay male artist is given increasing permission to admire and express his intense desire for the male form. Now, when a gay male artist chooses to look at the male form, something interesting happens: stimulation takes on its own importance in the work. As a result, each artist is permitted to make a deeper statement about his community, personal or fantasy life.

In each of my selected images for the gallery, I feel that the artist allows his own voice to speak clearly and distinctly showcasing the male form in all its glory, whether it's a leatherman, Chelsea boy, Fairie, twink, punk, or bear. Each male subject holds a special place for the artist and is something we, as viewers, can embrace and enjoy for all its beauty and grace. Besides, it's only natural to admire a peacock!