Stephen Gemberling


Stephen Gemberling is a multi-media artist. He was born in York, Pennsylvania and attended Cooper Union from 1965-71, studying Sculpture, Architecture and Art History.

He served as a Conscientious Objector at the Lexington School for the Deaf as House-Parent and Teacher.

He is a father and grandfather.


For many reasons, from earliest childhood, it seemed unnecessary and impossible to hold a body of work as an archive. It was my duty, need, or aim as an Artist to use any material; to be prepared for any project or commission.

Beginning at age 3 to carve stone and draw, it was possible, even alone in my mind to advance. As materials were available I also enjoyed finding alternate materials to substitute for traditional ones.

My self-image and heredity as an artist is of the Artist/Priest because of my perception of the power of Art.

Art is the Activity which makes us Human. I am speaking of Art, not the Art Market.