Steven Dwayne Bryk


Steven Dwayne Bryk has been a Visual AIDS archive member since 2007.

“The only journey is the one within.” ―Rainer Maria Rilke

If the character of an individual is reduced to the sum of his sexuality, admittedly, there is little to say to me beyond the obvious or the banal. My approach and style would ethically challenge our world’s impatient, ordered, and stereotyped environment. In speaking about my work, the figurative and painterly qualities of some of the body human are often passed by as colorful and rhythmic images without thought to the visual content. My work predominates as an articulation and a celebration of our own natural and primal human instincts. My work continues to develop art brut style: art exploring the human condition based on an emotional response without a need to adhere to the stereotyped expectations within our global society. Ideally, as an “outsider artist” honoring my 38th year of living with HIV/AIDS, I often create to provoke verbal intercourse. From the wholesomely aesthetic to the artistically impassioned, my portfolio deals with global portraiture, queer culture, emotional discourse and the HIV/AIDS crisis. Notoriously dismissive of critical evaluation into my own work, and perhaps too self-absorbed to offer anything other than my work to explicate the methods and meanings (and madness) behind my artistic approach, I view myself as a complex and consequential ‘digital queer’ whose work is misunderstood (or simply not understood) as it is adored."

Steven Dwayne Bryk
Montreal, QC