featured gallery for December 2015

Choosing Joy


Joy is glorious. Joy is proud. And, for people living with HIV, joy is a crucial part of our resilience.

Depictions of people living with HIV are often weighted in tragedy and challenge. But something lies beyond those overly simplistic portraits: our love of life, the bravery and empowerment that comes with facing a chronic condition with dignity, and our daily commitment to health and well-being.

Joy is humor. Joy is love. Joy is a choice.

Our lives are defined not by what happens to us, but by how we respond. We choose to take part in our health care, to seek happiness and longevity, to defeat our virus through medication, to strive to be undetectable and incapable of infecting someone else.

There is joy in being fully alive despite the crushing blows of stigma. We choose joy and reject prejudice.

Joy is triumphant. Joy is a miracle. We claim our joy, and no one can take it away.