Visual AIDS is excited for the 2nd round of poster/VIRUS, a campaign from Canada's AIDS ACTION NOW that brings together artists, community groups and activists to create street art, provoking conversation about HIV RIGHT NOW! Here is an excerpt from the poster/VIRUS curatorial statement written by Alex McClelland and Jessica Whitbread:

"We are under pressure. Our viral loads are overloaded. The response to AIDS is becoming destabilized. We are faltering, becoming complacent, giving up and giving in. The law is creeping further and further in. Our bodies are over-medicalized. And our lives are under-supported. We are not the public that ‘Public Health’ cares about. The AIDS Industrial Complex forces out Treatment as Prevention, while state indifference and austerity measures crush us. But we are “resilient” right?"

Leading up to the Day With(out) Art launch of the posters, AIDS ACTION NOW will be providing sneak peeks via their tumblr.