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Visual AIDS was proud to work once again with the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia for Day With(out) Art. For the second year in the row, the ICA produced a community driven, robust, December 1st event, as they explain, to address, "the history of AIDS cultural activism and direct action in the context of the present crisis."

As part of the event they screened Jim Hubbard's United in Anger: A History of ACT UP as well as Che Gossett's KIYOSHI KUROMIYA: A Queer Left and AIDS Activist Inspiration, hosted a ribbon bee, and had a roundtable discussion with artists Joy Episalla and Carrie Yamaoka.

To keep the conversation going, they created a user generated tumblr that catalogs red ribbon imagery, and a web page from which you can download a zine of AIDS related readings, and watch a video they produced from Day With(out) Art that includes Amy Sadao, Visual AIDS' former Executive Director, and now the Daniel Dietrich II Director of the ICA.

The ICA's roll out of Day With(out) Art is an amazing example of how an art institution can marshall resources, support and work with local individuals and groups, and create an event that speaks to the needs, desires and wants of the community it is tasked with serving.

Visit the ICA Day With(out) Art website and be inspired! We look forward to working with the ICA again for Day With(out) Art 2013.