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Delegates, Melbourne 2014

The 20th International AIDS Conference is being hosted in Melbourne, Australia. While Visual AIDS is not there, we are committed to sharing the news, images, and stories. The photo from Melbourne 2014, above comes from Pato Hebert, an artist Visual AIDS has worked with in the past. The work is part of an ongoing series witnessing fellow Delegates. Read more HERE and see more HERE.

1. When Science Meets HIV Prevention, Pleasure Cannot Be Left Behind
Mathew Rodriquez, writing for TheBody.com, covers an important panel in which the lived experience of living with HIV is discussed in relation to life chances and prevention. Panel included artist member Jessica Whitbread!

2. Decriminalization of Sex Work Could Reduce HIV Infections
The Washington Post reports an important Paper presentation at the conference which looked at sex worker criminalization and HIV transmission rates.

3. 100% Efficacy for Gays Who Adhered in PrEP Study; Most Didn’t + PrEP 90% Effective With As Few As 3 Doses Per Week
In the ongoing discussion around PrEP, it was reported that PrEP to be very effective if taken on the regular (which was hard for most people), and that it could be taken as little as 3 times a week to work.

4. Protesters Make Their Point During Bill Clinton's Speech
Taking the opportunity to spread awareness of the Robin Hood tax, protesters interrupted Bill Clinton's key note at the International AIDS Conference.

Stay tuned for more news, images, and info.

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Jessica Whitbread