The Black Sheep bronzed, photo by Dona Ann Mc Adams

In the spirit of NOT OVER, the exhibition checklist from the La MaMa Galleria show and works from Karen Finley and Ryan Conrad are now available for free download on the Visual AIDS site. Visit the exhibition page, and scroll down to the bottom for free downloads.

NOT OVER Checklist - Kris Nuzzi and Sur Rodney (Sur)
Created by curators Kris Nuzzi and Sur Rodney (Sur), the checklist contains title, details, artist names, statements and color images of all the work in the exhibition. The checklist provides documentation of an important exhibition, and provides context to the work.

The Black Sheep - Karen Finley
The text printed in SHOCK TREATMENT, the artist's 1990 book of poems (and illustrations also by Finley) published by City Lights San Francisco, was reformatted as a broadside by Jean Foos. Making it available for download continues the public legacy of Finley's important writing. Performed countless times in public and cast in bronze for public viewing, The Black Sheep is meant to be heard, seen, and felt by others. It is nine-stanzas about living apart from mainstream society.

Down Is Not Up - Ryan Conrad
An updated reworking of the text from the Pink Tank’s fierce anti-assimilationist pamphlet We Will Not Protect You distributed at gay pride in New York City in 2005. This work debuted in 2012 printed as a 70″ x 36″ broadsheet and posted on the streets in Portland, Maine during the annual gay pride weekend.