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The Stigma Project

Condoms have never been enough.
PEP and PrEP offer an important HIV prevention alternative.

There are a variety of sources to learn more about PEP and PrEP, including first hand accounts of what it is to take the drugs.

From Positive Frontiers comes an ongoing series called, My Life on PrEP.
The New York Times offers as story about PrEP called, POST EXPOSURE in New York and a story from Washington.
The CDC offers information on their website. And The Stigma Project uses the internet to share information.

Do you have stories or art work about PrEP or PEP that you want to share? Or more sources? Email us at
At this time most of it is coming from men who have sex with men. In the coming weeks we will also find and present PEP and PrEP information for and from other genders.