Last week, artist Ethan Shoshan had his first conversation related to the Visual AIDS NOT OVER exhibition at La MaMa Galleria. Ethan met Sloan and together they took in the summer night. Below are some comments Ethan has shared with us about the experience and above is a photo from the conversation, and a drawing he made.

Private / Public Conversation #1
"Sloan shared with me how to surrender, with the individual power of defining ones choices and being able to provide space for growth and independence. It is with a strong independence can we offer others to nurture and grow. Spoke about love in relationships. You can only make choices with the immediacy of what you have first in order to allow or help others to enable a shared strength and compassion. Community building skill-sets." - From Ethan

Do you want to have a conversation with Ethan? Email tkerr@visualaids.org to arrange a time.