Did you attend (re)Presenting AIDS at The Graduate Center on Tuesday August 20th?

Help us build on the conversation.
Take a few moments to answer the following questions:

1. How did you hear about the event?

2. What questions, if any, did you feel were missing from the discussion?

3. Would you be interested in attending further discussions on the role of art, culture and institution accountability in addressing AIDS history and current HIV politics?

Email Ted at tkerr@visualaids.org

For more conversation about and from Tuesday night, check out the link below:

Twitter Feed

Notes Before (re)Presenting AIDS - Visual AIDS Staff

Hugh Ryan talks about why he wrote the op-ed - Visual AIDS Staff

Stop Making Sense: 3 Exhibitions about AIDS - Ted Kerr, for In The Flesh

How Do We Make Them Listen? - Emily Colucci, for Filthy Dreams

Statements from (re)Presenting AIDS:

- Sur Rodney (sur)

- Jonathan David Katz

- Peter Cramer and Jack Waters

(photos by Kreerath Sunittramat)