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HIV monster, 1985, Joe Monroe

Today is the New York Mayoral Forum on HIV/AIDS at GMHC.
Whether or not you are attending, be part of the conversation by sharing these tweets created by ACT UP.

2day is #HIVMayoralForum @GMHC 446 W33rd at 5:30pm. Ask @anthonyweiner @BillThompsonNYC @deBlasioNYC @JohnLiu2013 about #AIDS @housingworks

Hey @GMHC, ask @anthonyweiner & @johnliu2013 what they know about #PEP at your #HIVMayoralForum @GayCityNews @VOCALNewYork @housingworks

Yo @GMHC & @oriolgutierrez, tell@anthonyweiner @deBlasioNYC @billthompsonnyc @ChrisCQuinn @johnliu2013 2 support #PEP4ALL in NYC hospitals

Hey @GMHC, ask @deBlasioNYC &@billthompsonnyc what 2 do about 1 in 2 gay men infected with HIV b4 age 50. @pozmagazine @pozarmy @JoeMyGod

Hey @oriolgutierrez, ask @anthonyweiner & @salalbanese2013 if they support #PEP4ALL @GMHC #HIVMayoralForum. @TAGTeam_Tweets @housingworks

Hey @anthonyweiner @deBlasioNYC @johnliu2013 @ChrisCQuinn, do you know people are denied #PEP at hospitals? @pozmagazine @GayCityNews @tlrd

What do @anthonyweiner @billthompsonnyc @deBlasioNYC @JohnLiu2013 @ChrisCQuinn @salalbanese2013 know about #PEP? @GayCityNews @pozmagazine