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At Visual AIDS we are aware of the power of messages related to health. As the ACT UP Against Ebola letter makes clear (downloadable at the bottom of the page), part of what exasperates the ongoing AIDS crisis is stigma, some of which can be traced back to the call to quartine people living with HIV. Artists create work not only to express themselves, make community, and heal, but also to put ideas, and images in the world to counteract the ignorance, hatefulness and small mindness that may accompany public health issues. By signing on Visual AIDS is standing with ACT UP in the fight against stigma, for the humane treatment of people living with Ebola: those who have died, those at risk, and those perceived to be at risk. We are reminding the world that not only is AIDS not over, but that the response to AIDS in all its various forms is ongoing, strong and important, including contributions made by artists. Sign on in solidarity here.